Maintain Your Body Fit

Maintaining your body fitness is very crucial as just maintaining your health. In fact, body fitness is what determines the standards of your health. If you never care about your body, you will absolutely get sick. Well, fitness it is that state of emotional, bodily and cerebral wellness. In opposing what many people like to believe, being fit is not about having big muscles, it’s about being in good health. Some of the methods that will help you keep fit include;

1. Walking and frequently jogging

These are amazing ways that will help you maintain your body fitness. They refresh the muscles, build a healthier heart, reduce stress and also enhance lung efficiency.

2. Bicycling

This is an excellent idea of exercise which many people don’t take their personal time to participate in. Bicycle riding exercise strengthens your body and creates a stronger cardiovascular system. It makes you get out of your normal routine and enjoy life and fresh air.

3. Playing tennis

This special game will help exercise your external and internal body parts. Just chasing after the small ball will slowly create your body shape. This will help reduce unnecessary weight and help improve your cardiovascular system.

4. Dancing

This exercise is full of fun and as long as you are in motion, it actually does not matter what kind of music or dance that you are involved in. This is a great and perfect avenue to fitness.

5. Swimming

This is a special way to make you stay in good shape and also maintain it. It will always assist to tighten your body, get good overall workout and also lose weight.

6. Abdominal crunches

Crunches are usually a favorite for most athletes for the simple reason that they easily woks. While lying on your back with knees bent, keep your feet flat on the floor, crisscross your hands across your chest and then twist your chest, undulating from your sternum towards your hips. Do these systematically in a slow motion and start out with a small number of crunches. Do this frequently to get used to and maintain your body fitness.

7. VCR

If you have DVD, try watching some great relevant tapes. If you take at least 15 minutes a day to exercise will actually get you started. Repeat these and only two weeks results will greatly amaze you.

8. Tricep Press

For a slide Tricep Press, while upright on the ground with your feet separate, knees somewhat bent, extend stretch your arms over your head. Maintain your elbows locked and then in slow speed lower your arms behind you head. This is actually very effective for small weights.

9. Squatting

Squats are very nice for hamstrings, calves, quads and gluts. With your feet standing strongly and spread about two feet, bend your knees slightly, then very softly you will squat.

10. Avoiding stress

An exhausted mind, sleepy one and ravenous of rest will actually limit the fitness of your body. Sleeping is just very important for the well-being of your body. The quality of sleep that we get is very important regardless of its quantity. You should always go to bed just before you start to struggle on how to stay awake. Make better sleep a habit for a fit body.


In conclusion, the above exercise methods are not the limit to the maintenance of your body fitness. To enhance your fitness and health standards, the new ehic card is also very important. With this card you will always be sure of good health checkups and health insurance.