The 6 Best Foods that Increase Nitric Oxide

The one thing you probably haven’t thought of as a means to improving your skin? Nitric oxide. It sounds more like a part of a chemistry lesson than skin care but bear with us. Nitric oxide is a natural gas that increases blood flow in the body. That blood flow is so essential for healthy circulation, the absorption of nutrients and a glowing complexion. Sounds great, right? Reap the benefits with the 6 best foods that increase nitric oxide. You’ll keep your plate nutritious and tasty!


Here’s a good reason to eat pistachios! These nuts increase nitric oxide production in your skin. Not only are they delicious, they’re all around beneficial for your health. Pistachios are high in B6, biotin and fiber. The B6 vitamin works alongside side coenzyme 10 to maintain your beautiful skin. Biotin is beneficial to your hair and nails while fiber helps our body eliminate toxins. What more reason do you need to enjoy a handful of pistachios? Get crackin’!


Watermelon is a fruit that’s hard to not to love. It’s sweet, fun to eat and summer-time staple. It’s good for you too! Watermelon is an excellent choice for adding nitric oxide to your diet. Watermelon contains the amino acid citrulline, which is eventually converted in nitric oxide. You don’t have to be a scientist to take advantage of the complexion enhancements watermelon provides.


This root vegetable is one of the best foods that increase nitric oxide. Beets contain nitrates which your body changes into nitric oxide. Feel free to use the extract from beetroot juice if you’re not a fan of eating beets whole. Juice it with other superfruits and vegetables for an anti-aging drink! You’ll love the refreshment and glow it gives you skin.


Got spinach? Follow Popeye’s advice and eat your leafy greens. Most dark vegetables contain collagen and elastin boosting nutrients. That’s because they have the antioxidant lutein. Lutein makes your skin look dewy and revs up the production of elastin. It’s also a natural source of nitrac oxide, making it one vegetable you should never shy away from!


It’s time to spice things up! Hot peppers are one fiery way to add nitric oxide to your meals. These five-alarm vegetables are good sources of capsaicin. In fact, capsaicin is what makes these guys so hot. The compound is sometimes used as a natural pain-reliever. Furthermore, it’s thought to boost levels of nitric oxide. And remember, super spicy foods may raise your metabolism, making them a good diet tool.

Dark Chocolate:

As if you needed another reason to indulge in dark chocolate! The higher the cocoa content, the better when it comes to chocolate and nitric oxide. Enjoy a bite or two (or three) to destress and take in plenty of flavonoids. Just remember, regular candy bars and milk chocolate don’t count as delicious as they may be.

Now that your diet is nitric-oxide friendly, spruce up your anti aging skin care routine’ as well. While there are supplements of nitric oxide, who really wants to take another pill every day? Choose LifeCell’s wrinkle-fighting moisturizer instead. It is loaded with D3PA to help increase production of nitric oxide. Improved circulation will make your complexion look luminous and fresh. This skin care must-have is also packed with vitamins, minerals and retinol. It truly has everything you need to stay young looking without breaking the bank!